Date: 2011-06-14 07:10 pm (UTC)
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(I keep scrolling up the page and getting derailed by the Cumberbatch photo :D)

You know that scene in the morgue in the last episode when Sherlock's analyzing the little dead dude's shoes and then all of a sudden, to illustrate his point, his monitor helpfully displays a bunch of strangely telegenic, unbiological-looking fungus molecules, along with the words "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" "MATCH FOUND" in big red letters?
Ahaha. This scene gets me every time I watch it. SCIENCE IS NOT THAT SLICK D: Still, I think Sherlock is a little better than some other shows at the ~*~SCIENCE~*~ (sparkles included) part. They actually turn the lights on in the lab for a start!

Re: Irene Adler. I seem to remember something Gatiss and Moffat said during the episode commentary that went along the lines of: 'Holmes having a romance with Adler? Pshaw!'
Of course, I could be remembering wrong, or they could be trolling us, but I shall keep the faith!

Re: Sherlock is a sociopath. I kinda love how so many fanfics go out of their way to explicitly state that this is not true. It's rather fun.

Also, I am just going to flat-out pretend that Sherlock is fatally hydrophobic
Oh God. For some reason I keep imagining Sherlock being hydrophobic Pratchett style and hovering above the water. You know, just spinning in the air. (n.b. I'd watch that.)

(Ahhh. And there's that photo again <3)

I shall save your Good Omens post for when I've actually finished reading the book. I'm only half-way through so far.

Oh wow, that Susanna Clarke seminar! I've only read what Clarke had to say so far, but her whole post basically made me go some variation of 'eeeeeeeeeeee!' Her comments were so fascinating to read. Gosh, I hope she's writing more fiction right this minute. I need to read more! Ohgod :D

Beautiful rainbow photos! Look at all that countryside! It's gorgeous.

(Scroll back up, just because I can :D Speaking of which, did I ever link you to this gif? It has the bonus of simultaneously being SFW and utterly utterly filthy.)

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