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Wheeeeee~!! There was snow and rain and wind last week and it killed my power/phone/internets/will to live for three days, and then upon finally being able to boot my somewhat elderly computer I discovered that my external HD was having digital seizures (it would randomly load and then disappear and then become unwritable or unreadable, etc.), so I spent four fun-filled days panicking/backing up files/buying and installing a new drive/auuugh. Naturally all my shit did not fit on my somewhat elderly computer’s hard disk at once, so I had to do it in batches and wait for my dying external drive to gradually cycle through its various stations of the electronic cross before I could get everything off it. Haha, fun.

Anyway, so, how have you been doing? Good? Okay.

I have nothing for you, go away.

No, no, I’m just kidding. I have… some links!
1. First they came for the lolis… Tokyo cracks down on certain kinds of comic-book porn. Because, obviously, they’ve solved all their other problems and can now move on to stopping the exploitation of drawings. On the one hand, I have to stand and applaud anything that delegitimizes the practice of sexualizing (and in some cases actually abusing? those 'junior idol’ DVDs sound repulsive!) actual human kids for the sake of moe-loving barfmonsters — but I am a little afraid of the "dude who went to jail for importing loli phonebooks" thing. I mean, 93% of shoujo and BL deals with "underage" characters having sex. Do I need to go burn my copy of Elektel Delusion? What about my January 2011 edition of Vogue Paris? Or, um, what about my downloads of Glee? And Friday Night Lights, if that wasn’t an unwatchably awful show?
2. 10 Historical 'Facts' Only a Right-Winger Could Believe. Looks like what it is. Edroso. Funny.
3. This article describing new discoveries in the highly-speculative field of Let’s Pretend It’s Dungeons & Dragons Archaeology contains the following sentence: "Gough's Cave is situated in the Cheddar Gorge, a deep limestone canyon on the southern edge of the Mendip Hills." Sold!
4. In case you were inadequately revolted by the last post I made re: female eating habits, here’s one from the New York Times that could actually make you punch a kitten. Actual Quote: “On our first date, I was like, ‘Hey, why’d you stop being a vegan?’ And she was like, ‘What kind of guy’s going to date a vegan?’ And I was like, ‘You’re awesome.’ ” HAHA.
5. Edward Scissorhands turns 20! I know Johnny Depp is a major dickface, but this movie affected my life in the way that religion often affects the lives of stupid people. Also some of these works of art are stunning.
6. Do women hate science? Or does science hate women? Or is it that the crudely misogynistic model of higher education we imported from England in the 19th century and have yet to alter in any meaningful way exclusively favors people who choose not to have lives outside their discipline, thus eliminating contributions from women who wish to bear and raise children? Hmmmm, that’s a beard-scratcher.
7. Force your edition of Internet Explorer to render CSS3!
8. How they managed to restrain themselves from bringing up oxytocin, I’ll never know. Also: This article is insane. This is like, Sociology 102. I am embarrassed for them. The view of early human relationships they present here is laughably absurd. And I would laugh, too, except I’m busy eating a stick of butter so men will like me.
9. Why austerity never works. Again. This time it’s coming from a conservative, though, so maybe someone will listen. (Sorry about that, the UK.)
11. Mother Jones draws us a nice picture of the inequities inherent in the American economic landscape. Too bad Teabaggers can’t interpret visually-sophisticated imagery, either. Try again!
12. Related: Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail? by the eternally-awesome Matt Taibbi
13. Lastly, some happy news! Like, I almost peed myself. Seriously. (via some crazy anime lady)

I’m going to start twattering my links when I find them, from now on. In case you live for my linkposts (MOM!!).

Also I made a new layout for Cynn Corvus, out of that old drawing-ish thing I made in 2009 that looks a Anglo-Japanese lady cosplaying as the Virgin Mary dressed up as a kitsune in a kabuki play. Awesome, I know already.
I’ll put up a new index in the next couple of days, as soon as I find some nice artwork to deface make one.
I think everything else is good for a few months. It better be!
I’m thinking of making The Heart Goes 9 into a DW comm (I should have content going up in a couple of weeks). It would be much easier for me to structure entries, especially at first when I am guaranteed to have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. Also I would have more control over who has access to my translations, in the event that somebody tries to fuck with me (I do not anticipate that this will happen at all — but we are talking about a potential audience composed almost entirely of fujoshi of various stripes, so anything is possible). Obvs I would leave the thing open unless I was forced to lock it. Also I wouldn’t have to make a layout!

Anybody care? Silence = "no."

ETA: Is our children learning? This is was probably posted by a future President of the United States.

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