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It transpires that I was somewhat busy this week, so no Sherlock for you. (Also I lost my Sherlock links; I’m pretty sure they’re around here someplace, though, cough.) Next week!

Instead, I submit to you these articles of wank, which I’ve been saving for Valentine’s Season:

1. Ew. I am not judging the book, which looks just as stupid and boring as every other book on this topic — but, I am a little worried about the ad copy, which seems to think that I am romantically desperate, fourteen, and possessed of a very short attention span.
2. Double ew. I am choosing to believe that this one is guerilla satire.

So remember, girls: Stay away from obscenely over-processed, prepackaged junk food/poison and try to maintain a strong, healthy, and athletic physique so that you will be appealing to "boys." (What "boys"? Where are these "boys"? Who are they? Presumably they are Morris Chestnut and Thelma & Louise Brad Pitt.) Because on the fucking internet it’s 1954, and the greatest psychological wound a woman could ever receive is failing to be regarded by strangers as a sex symbol. I know that these people are probably teenagers or in their very early twenties, and therefore biologically obligated to be retarded, but I am kind of offended that their obvious and twatty desire to be fap-objects is being treated as though it is an up-with-diversity, feminist grievance. Ugh. UGH.

Also I am not completely sure that any little girl would ever independently decide that she had to look like Barbie, who resembles a barrel-chested, tanned praying mantis, in order to be loved. Nor am I convinced that little boys find Barbies sexually attractive, yuck. I think that, left to their own devices, most little kids would just want to chew on Barbie’s rubbery feet. That’s what I remember doing with Barbie, most of the time.

And you aren’t allowed to be upset when your nicotine-inflected, drunk boyfriend cheats on you anymore? Really? Like, really? Because that’s going to be #16 on my 'Why Couldn’t You Make Me A Lesbian Like I Wanted, God? You Couldn’t Just Do That One Thing, Could You?' list.

My links are pretty weak-assed, too:
1. A Wonkette Reagan Beans thing. I know, but the comments are pretty funny.
2. An inspiring D.L. Hughley quote, via constantly-hysterical, horny, semi-literate Australian drama queen Yimmy Yayo (he does post some great landscape/historical/animal photos, though).
3. A deeply pathetic NYT article about the "bias" that exists against "conservatives" in the humanities. HAHAHAHAHA.

I’ll do better next time, coach!

Date: 2011-02-09 02:39 am (UTC)
starburns: (PKMN 2)
From: [personal profile] starburns

Anyone who thinks that eating disorders are caused solely, or even primarily, by a desire to be pretty for "boys", is a very stupid person.

I chewed on Barbie's feet too!

Date: 2011-02-10 05:44 pm (UTC)
starburns: (PKMN 2)
From: [personal profile] starburns
No, you're right, that was too strong a statement. Not knowing the exact causes and manifestations of any particular mental disorder doesn't make anyone "stupid". In fact, if there's no reason for you to know, you'd probably have a lot more fun learning about something else.

It does bother me, though, when people who clearly do not know what they're talking about try to delegate blame for eating disorders on superficial crap like "being pretty for boys" or "wanting to look like a model". It does a huge disservice to people who are struggling with real eating disorders, in part because it makes the problem seem deceptively shallow, and because leads to comments like, "boys don't like girls who are that skinny! you don't need to lose any more weight!" Or, even worse, when someone is in recovery, telling them that they look "better" now that they've "healthier". (Comments like this are hugely unhelpful, particularly the latter--even thought it's often true--because most people with an ED will only hear this as "I can tell you've gained weight.") People with eating disorders aren't stupid, and anyone who's dealt with one for any extended period of time knows that "starving yourself" wont make you look good. When you're almost 30 lbs. underweight and can see every vein roping around your arm like an extension cord, you know it doesn't look "good". Not to you, and not to anyone else.

(I know a lot of slim ladies who "like to eat pizza every now and then". Not just ones with crazy lighting metabolisms, either. If someone doesn't think they can ever eat pizza without gaining weight, then--surprise!--they probably don't have a very healthy attitude toward food.) (Obviously, I don't have a historically stellar attitude toward food. But I'm also not blaming that on "teenage boys". Or anyone, really.)

But, yes: it's very weird and belittling to imply that the only reason a girl/woman might want to practice health habits (or lose weight, if that's their goal) is to be considered attractive... by, like, everyone? Every guy out there? I understand wanting to be considered attractive by someone you're actively trying to fuck (or date, or whatever), but just... people in general? "Guys", collectively? Why should that matter? Like it's of vital importance for me to walk down the street, causing traffic accidents and spontaneous proposals of marriage with my conventional "hotness".

I do think there might be a valid message hidden somewhere in there; about how our society so often treats sexual attention as the most valuable form of approval a woman can receive from a man. That calling a girl "fat" or "ugly" is considered the the absolute most cutting thing you can say to her. That all the accomplishments, intelligence, talent, charisma, and humor in the world don't really matter, if she's not also conventionally attractive. But if that's the intention, then it's... really poorly worded.